ЄВС-проект у Нідерландах

Проект пов’язаний з роботою в спеціалізованому центрі з людьми з різними вадами і саме ЄВС волонтери будуть допомагати їм в повсякденному житті, а також заохочувати їх до спілкування та активної участі в житті суспільства, незважаючи на їхні вади. В цьому проекті вже приймали участь 3 наших волонтери – їхні відгуки ви можете знайти на нашому сайті (http://ngo-stella.org/reports)

Місце: Lunteren, Нідерланди
Дати: 1 вересня 2018 – 30 серпня 2019
Всі витрати на транспорт, візу, страхування, кишенькові гроші, харчування та проживання покриваються грантом від Європейської Комісії.
Волонтеру будуть надаватися курси данської мови.

 Дедлайн: 15 квітня включно

Більше інформації про проект англійською мовою:

During the EVS year, volunteers will focus on learning the differences in the society regarding this work field. Next to that, they will try to motivate local youngsters as well as clients from the organizations to participate in national and international projects, such as youth exchanges and training courses. Also they will learn how to improve the conditions in their own country, step by step, after going back home. They will be actively involved in the different activities on local and regional level. The volunteers will also attend Dutch classes for foreigners.

Humanitas DMH (www.humanitas-dmh.nl) is an organization working in the field of intellectual and light psychiatric disabilities with (young) adults. It offers different types
of services. For clients who can live in their own home, the organization provides ambulant care. For clients who need more frequent and specialized care, Humanitas rents living places, in small blocks with around 15-20 flats. Clients can live autonomously in these flats, and if needed, they can receive assistance at any moment, from the staff of Humanitas. For example, clients are helped in dealing with
daily activities such as cleaning and organizing the living place, maintaining a balanced social life, solve personal problems.

The main approach of Humanitas is to offer its clients as much autonomy in their lives as possible, as well as to encourage them to be part of a community, with daily
social interactions. Also, the vision of Humanitas is that each person with disabilities should be given the opportunity to contribute to society in a certain way, that is why
clients are encouraged to find jobs or voluntary activities, in line with their possibilities.

The clients at Humanitas have different mental challenges, also psychiatric problems and addiction problems are quite common. They communicate on different levels.
Part of the clients are able to speak basic English also, but learning Dutch fast is of course always an advantage. Watch this video (in Dutch) for more information about the organization – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSdjsi7Rt_k

Humanitas has multiple locations throughout the Netherlands. The volunteers will work in four locations (each volunteer in one separate location), in Ede, Nieuwegein, Odijk (two locations) and Amersfoort.

The jobs at all locations will be similar. Tasks will include:
• spend time and communicate with the clients during coffee breaks, board games, hours, walks;
• assist the clients in daily routine activities, such as organizing the rooms, washing the dishes, doing the groceries etc.;
• help clients with cooking and/or eat together with them;
• organize activities with the clients, such as: handcrafting or Christmas decorations workshops, beauty hours, movie evenings, baking etc.
As your experience grows, you can take on more responsibilities.

The volunteers will also participate in staff meetings, where they will have the opportunity to learn more about the work with people with disabilities in the Netherlands. For example: why certain approaches are being used, how to properly
deal with certain situations etc. Also, after getting more experience and know-how from the Dutch social care system, volunteers will have the chance to focus on learning about ways to bring positive changes in this field, in their home countries.

Because most of the clients live in their own in rooms or apartments and have activities like work during the day, the working hours for the volunteers will be mostly in the afternoon and the evening because then most of the clients are at home. Working partly in the weekends is part of the job.

At Humanitas volunteers work normally 6 months in the same house and then they switch to another house (but it can also be the case that you work in the same house for the whole year, if this is easier for the clients). The different
houses are located in Ede, Nieuwegein, Odijk and Amersfoort.

Rock Solid Foundation has workers with solid practical experience concerning all the aspects of the project cycle in a project. This all in combination with the experience and expertise will give a solid base for a good EVS placement.

 Як подати заявку:

Якщо ви зацікавлені в цьому проекті, будь ласка, надсилайте ваші СВ та мотиваційні листи (обсягом не більше однієї сторінки) на англійській мові на chris@chrisvanmaanen.nl та на evs@ngo-stella.org до 15 квітня включно. У темі вашого листа пишіть “EVS in Humanitas” та в самому листі не забувайте вказувати, що подаєте заявку від Kharkiv non-governmental association for active youth “Stella” with EI accreditation number – 2015-1-PL-01-KA110-017829.

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