ЄВС-проект у Латвії

ГО “Стелла” шукає волонтера/волонтерку для 5-місячного ЄВС у чарівній Латвії! Любиш читати та організовувати івенти? Тоді цей проект саме для тебе! Мотиваційнй лист та CV не потрібні – заповни лише аплікаційну форму. Дедлайн – 1 травня.

In a small and charming town Kuldiga, Latvia

August 2018 –January 2019


Kuldiga Main library is looking for volunteer from age 20+, male and female, with the interest of working with children, young people and understanding the environment of the library. You will be able to organize events in promotion of reading, activities associated with books and literature, organizing and managing language studies for children and youth, parents and children and for adults only. Daily tasks would include preparation for workshops/language studies, daily children center activities (playing board games, making things with and for children, if able, then playing a musical instrument for activities with children), to photograph/make digital content in promotion of organized events and activities.

We would be happy to host a volunteer who:
• Is from Ukraine
• Is between 20 and 30 years old
• Is ready to take the initiative and communicative
• Is interested in learning about libraries as cultural and educational space
• Is able to perform in the front of audience (tell stories, improvise, maybe even play a musical instrument/sing etc.)
• Brings in practical handcraft skills, can make web content or is willing to learn
• Has an intermediate English level, can speak Russian and is motivated to learn Latvian
• Is willing to find out about his/her skills in cultural work with youth and adults

Application deadline: 1.05.2018.

Open call and application form here: www.ej.uz/kuldigaML

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