ЄВС-проект в Італії

Харківська НГO “Стелла” шукає учасників для цікавого ЄВС проекту в Італії.
Місто: Мантова, Італія
Дати проекту: 1 лютого 2018 – 1 жовтня 2018
Тривалість: 8 місяців
Вік: 18-30 років.Витрати на транспорт, харчування, проживання, страхування та кишенькові гроші покриваються грантом від Європейської Комісії
ДЕДЛАЙН – 14 квітня 23:59 CET

Детальний опис англійською:

Project description 
EVS volunteers will be asked to support the staff and italian volunteers for the Archives Literature Festival.
The Archives preserve the documents (written, audio recordings of the meetings, photo and video material) produced during the twenty years that have followed since 1997. Possible activities that will be held by the volunteers, to varying degrees are the following: preparation of inventories; physical reorganization of the materials; Digital document capture; retrieval of information necessary to the cataloging; Use of the management program for cataloging archival Xdams Regesta heritage; involvement in concomitant exploitation activities (special openings, publications); management of requests for consultation and reproduction incoming and outgoing; contacts with the secretariat of the festival and newsrooms. The project during 8 months, from February 2018 to October 2018 in Mantova, the volunteers will have the opportunity to parteccipate to the Festivaletteratura.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements 
The volunteers will share an apartment, in which each will have their bedroom, in a building available for student and worker in Mantova.
The apartment is near to the filofestival Office and the volunteers can go to work by foot or by bicycle, while the transport for free time is on charge to the volunteers. The volunteers will receive a monthly budget for food and a pocket money.

The volunteers should be: 
Flexible, open minded, interested in the culture theme, interested in this type of work and able to speak ITALIAN (requested B1 level)

If interested please fill in the attached form and send it to benedetta@festivaletteratura.it and evs@ngo-stella.org in copy till 14 April 2017 23:59 CET


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