ЄВС-проект в Італії

Харківська НГОСтеллашукає волонтера на довгостроковий ЄВС проект в Італії. Для подачі НЕ потрібні CV та мотиваційний лист! Дедлайн – 30 березня 2017.

Більше інформації англійською мовою надано нижче.

Dates: 09/10/2017 – 09/10/2018 
Place: Chiari, Italy 
Type: EVS 
Participants: 1 
Deadline: 30/03/2017

Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano offers a wide range of projects, which includes people from different age groups – from toddlers to young adults. The organization has created different initiatives. This project aims to include volunteers in main activity: 
YOUMORE MORCELLI GIOVANI/ EURODESK Local Office: is the place where European and National projects are organized. The main aim is to bring young people aged 18-30 closer to opportunities that European Commission gives them. 
EVS volunteers will surely become a part of it, participating to the activities we organize on national level. The main idea is to help the EVS volunteers to become a role model for the local youth, sharing the message of active citizenship and cultural enriching throughout mobility projects. 
The volunteers are supposed to work in 7 different towns in region, meeting young people and preparing different kind of orientation days for local youth, at schools, universities.

Open minded and highly motivated volunteers, preferably with some experience/ skills in intercultural learning processes and/or competence within youth culture activities; music, media, film, dance, sports/outdoor activities. The working language will be Italian. 
Youngsters who are attracted of getting experience/practice within a wide specter of approaches in the field of youth- and social work, work with children and non-formal education are invited to apply for this project. 
Priority will be given to male volunteers because of logistic reasons.

Financial conditions 
The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program. 

  • All expenses for visa, insurance, accommodation, food and international travel costs are fully covered. 
  • Food, accommodation and the most part of the volunteers service is into the office of the organisation, a building with an internal courtyard that promotes peace and dialogue. The question of the volunteers transport will be covered by the organisation. The office of the Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano is situated five minutes far from the train and bus station.


For applying, please fulfill the following application form:https://goo.gl/forms/OD4q9d4vyXf4ib2l2 till 30 March. After the 30th of March will be Skype interview with selected candidates. 
Please note that you need to fulfill ONLY the application form: NO CV and Motivation Letter are required.

In your form please indicate that your sending organization is Kharkiv non-governmental association for active youth “Stella” with EI accreditation number – 2015-1-PL-01-KA110-017829.

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