Короткотерміновий ЄВС-проект у Греції

МВО “СВІТ-Україна” шукає волонтера для EVS проекту у ГреціїВолонтер буде працювати в центрі для біженців. Волонтер буде забезпечений харчуванням та проживанням, а також отримуватиме кишенькові гроші.
Дедлайн:  9.05.2018
Date and venue: Athens, 01/07-31/08/2018
Volunteers: 10
Greek Forum of Refugees and SCI Hellas will host of 10 EVS international volunteers for 2 months (01/07-31/08/2018). It includes the travel days.
The work will be creative activities with refugees, mainly children, youngsters and women). The volunteers in cooperation with the SCI-Greece members will organize workshops on different topics (Human Rights, gender issues, children’s rights, etc according to the interest of the refugees and the concern of the participants), visits to different places of the city of Athens), movie and cooking days, trash art workshops. Initiative and ideas from the participants are welcome.
The programme of implementation
01/07: day of arrival
02-06/07: orientation, introduction to the project and the methods we will use
09/07-26/08: activities with the refugees in cooperation with Refugee Communities and organisations in Athens (13-17/8 days off, 15/08 is national holiday).
27-29/08: open to the public events, dissemination of the results.
30/08: final evaluation, end of the project.
31/08: departure of the participants
Working days and hours:
5 days per week (usually Monday to Friday), 5-7 hours per day, depending on the activity. In case they work during the weekend, they will get days off during the week.
The volunteers will work in small groups and maybe, sometimes, in different venues, depending on the activity.
in two rent flats in shared rooms. The volunteers will take care of the preparation of their meals and the clean of the flat.
Application procedure:
Send your CV and motivation letter in English.
The deadline for applying is 09.05.2018.
Please send your application to projects@svit-ukraine.org.
МВО “СВІТ-Україна” – www.facebook.com/svit.ukraine

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