ЄВС-проект у Фінляндії

НГО “Стелла” шукає учасника для 6-місячного ЄВС у Фінляндії, пов’язаного з роботою в дитячому та молодіжному центрі.

Дедлайн – 21 вересня!

Більше інформації англійською мовою читайте нижче.

This is a cooperation project between two local organizations; Espoo Youth Services and Espoonlahti Parish. The volunteers participate in the daily work of the organizations, providing activities for youth, children and families.

Where: Espoo, Finland
When: 30/01/2018 – 30/07/2018
Deadline: 21/09/2017

Volunteer 1) Will work for Espoo Youth Services, taking part in open youth work in one or two youth centers. The target group includes youngsters aged 9-17 years. With the support from professional youth workers, the volunteer can plan free time activities, camps and events for the young people. Working hours are mainly in the evenings and some weekends.

Volunteers 2 and 3) Will work for Espoonlahti parish, taking part in family clubs, after school clubs and childrens’ clubs. Main target group for volunteer 2 are children aged 0-9 years and volunteer 3 children aged 6-13 years. The volunteer visits schools to organize grouping activities and games, and participates in weekend camps for the target group. Working hours are mainly between 9 am and 5 pm.
accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers share a rental flat located in Espoo. The flat has two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. The bigger room is split in two smaller sections, to enhance a sense of privacy, but completely private bedrooms cannot be guaranteed for each volunteer. On weekend camps or trips, volunteers may have to share a room/tent with several other people. Volunteers shop their groceries from the closest super market and prepare food in the flat. Volunteers will use public transport (bus, metro) to travel between home and work. Espoo has good public transport and connections to our capital, Helsinki.

Volunteer profile

  • Motivation to work with children and young people, previous experience can be an asset
  • Open-mindness, willing to learn new skills, plan, run and evaluate activities
  • Courage to take contact and talk with the children and young people
  • Ability to cope with changing situations and schedules and be unprompted to engage in activities. One should be aware that spending work days around many people and surrounded by a strange language can be tiring.
  • Special skills or experience e.g. working in groups, handcraft, sports, other free time activities can be an asset.

How to apply
Send a motivation letter (ohjaamo@espoo.fi), telling us what kind of person you are and why you would like to volunteer in this project. Tell also, which working tasks you would prefer (volunteer 1, 2 or 3). We will choose volunteers whose motivation, aims and interests match our project.

Аdditional information
The two organizations in the project are Espoo Youth Services (municipal organization) and Espoonlahti Parish (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland). Work in parish might include religious dialogue. Volunteers can change places a few times to get insight of the work done in both organizations. This will be agreed together with volunteers in their time of volunteering.

Don’t forget to indicate that your sending organization is Non-governmental organization “Kharkiv association for active youth “Stella” with EI accreditation number – 2015-1-PL-01-KA110-017829 and PIC-number – 947609200.

Фото – Unsplash.

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