ЄВС у Чеській Республіці

НГО “Стелла” шукає волонтерa для надзвичайно цікавого ЄВС в Чеській Республіці!
IMPORTANT: only for the holders of biometric passport! As it takes as least 2 month to get visa to Czech Republic , volunteer should be able to apply for visa in October and come to the project without visa in November and to get it later. The embassy doesn’t keep the passport, it stays with the applicant.
Dates of the project: 1.11.2017 – 31.10.2017, 12 months
Description of organisation:
Facility Lipová is the oldest facility of Lipka. The key focuses of the facility are environmental education programmes for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. In the afternoons the building fills with children attending natural science and art courses and adults coming for handicrafts clubs or families attend events organized for the general public. Lipová also organizes summer, autumn and spring camps for kids. An important part of activities are seminars for university students, teachers and pedagogues, as well as tutorial work for trainees.
Kamenná is the youngest training facility of Lipka. It focuses on the environmental education of adults, primarily teachers and develops a system of teacher training as well as individual thematic seminars for teachers of different subjects and all school grades. It also pays close attention to topics such as teaching about one’s region and natural school gardens.
Accommodation, food and transport arrangements
The volunteer will live in a flat (private room, shared flat) in Brno. He/She will have lessons of Czech language and meetings with EVS coordinator and other volunteers – there will be group of other EVS volunteers, working in other partner organizations in Brno. Volunteers have 2 days a week free + 2 days per month of vacation. They are provided with card for public transport, get pocket money and food allowance monthly.
Volunteer will work 35 hours per week (this includes Czech language lessons, meeting with coordinator and other volunteers, own miniproject/s).
Training during the project
On-arrival and midterm training organized by National Agency, on-arrival “orientation week” organized by Luzanky for group of our volunteers (intensive Czech language course, orientation in Brno, Czech culture, law, etc.). Volunteers can also all year round visit some of the courses and events organized by Luzanky for free to learn something new and for recreation (s.a. circus trainings for adults, ceramics, yoga).
Volunteer profile
In Lipová the volunteer will mainly help with educational programmes, clubs and camps for kids, assist with public events and courses for adults, educational tools and activities and administration connected to these activities. His/her work will include contribution on maintaining the garden and care for animals. In Kamenná he/she will assist in preparation of educational programs and be encouraged to take part in service of a community garden. Previous experience with teaching or nature gardens would be an advantage (ability to bring new ideas, games, activities), but is not a condition.
How to apply
Please send your CV, motivation letter and completed questions. In the subject of the e-mail write “EVS Lipova-Kamenna”. If you are chosen to the second round of selection, be ready for a Skype interview. Send your application to evs.assistant@luzanky.cz anevs@ngo-stella.org till 23:59 24 September
1. Please describe your experiences, if you have any, with pedagogical work (age of the children, form of activities, lenght of your experience).
2. When and in what did you overcome yourself the most?
3. What do you expect from your work in our facility? What is your motivation to become EVS volunteer?
4. What would you like to gain from your EVS?
5. In what area are you good and you would like to share your knowledge and experience with others?
IMPORTANT: you should send three files including CV, motication letter and questionnaire. Everything should be in English.
Information about organisation:

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