ЄВС-проект у Каталонії

МВО “СВІТ-Україна” (www.facebook.com/svit.ukraine) шукає учасника для волонтерського проекту в Каталонії. Проект пов*язаний з екологією, пермакультурою, сталим розвитком.
Дати проекту: вересень 2018 – вересень 2019.
Дедлайн –  9 січня 2018 року.
Детальний опис англійською:

Where? Valls, Catalunya

When? July 2018 – end of January 2019

Catalonia is a land with beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage and open-minded, enterprising people. It has always been hospitable and open to the outside world, thanks to its long tradition of international trade. Catalan culture is then both national and cosmopolitan, generally belonging to the Mediterranean tradition, but different from most other places of the Iberian peninsula in several aspects, starting from its language, Catalan (spoken by around 14 million people) or its traditional folk culture. With over seven million inhabitants and an area of almost 32 thousand km2, Catalonia basks in a privileged, temperate, Mediterranean climate all year round. Moreover, it offers visitors a tremendous range of opportunities to enjoy culture and history, with several architectural and artistic treasures, sites and monuments, and with its unique seaside (like Costa Brava), mountains (like Pyrenees or Montserrat), or cities (like Barcelona or Girona). The project is just outside of Valls, a town near Tarragona.

The project

ADELA is an association born in 2005 in an organic farm in Valls (named Can Pipirimosca), with the aim of promoting a sustainable lifestyle respecting the environment. The project will allow the international volunteer to join with other short term volunteers (Woofers and local people) in sharing daily life on the organic farm Can Pipirimosca. Starting from his/her own experience and the training that he/she will receive, he/she will give support to the members of the association in the tasks of coordination the different activities and the meetings with the volunteers.


  • Daily activities related to the farm duties, sustainability and recycling.
  • The association occasionally organizes meetings and seminars at weekends and also offers the space to other organizations or NGOs to develop their own activities.
  • The objective is to promote values such as respect for the environment, sustainability, cooperation, self sufficiency, community responsibility, and to teach people different skills related to art, music,ecology, alternative energy and culture of peace.
  • The EVS volunteers will also take part in weekend activities and is free to suggest new projects, to organize activities or to contribute with his/her own experience.
  • All these experiences will provide the volunteers a multicultural approach to a sustainable and alternative way of life that goes on daily in Can Pipirimosca.
  • The volunteers will be able to learn Spanish and will have the opportunity to practice it with the local volunteers.
  • The volunteers will support the promotion and organization of actions and activities from the new local movement VallsenTransició, part of the international Transition Towns movement.

We look for 2 volunteers interested in environment and nature who are motivated for life in the countryside. Life conditions are basic… BE PREPARED!


Accommodation: The volunteers will be accommodated in Can Pipirimosca’s house and will participate to the common life of the community. The volunteers will share room in the ecological farm. Toilets and showers are next to the house but outside in the garden, as well as the bike-washing machine

Food: All the people living in Can Pipirimosca will cook together their meals at the fire place. Everything is vegetarian and usually vegan. They’ll also learn how to make their own bread and cakes.

Pocket money: 105 € per month

Insurance: CIGNA insurance covered by the EVS programme.

Visa: Visa costs, if any, will be covered by money of the project.


Final decision 19th January!

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