ЄВС-проект у Болгарії

НГО “Стелла” шукає учасника для довгострокового ЄВС у Болгарії, спрямованого на молодіжну роботу, реалізацію власних проектів, комунікацію та медіа.
Більше інформації про проект англійською мовою:
VENUE: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
DURATION: starting 1 December 2017 for 12 months
FINANCIAL CONDITIONS: Food and pocket money allowence 190 EUR per month

DEADLINE for applying 16.10.2017

“3E: EVS Eastern Express” aims to empower young people from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia to learn from Union practices in the field of youth work and then apply the knowledge received to the youth field back home thus promoting European values and cooperation and non-formal education among their peers.

Among activities offered to the volunteers are: support ABS communication channels including social media and communication with international partners, supporting organizations of international mobility activities such as trainings and youth exchanges, providing information about Erasmus+ and learning mobility to the local youth, organizing local social events / e.g. chat clubs/, language tandems and other interactive activities for young people, working with Eurodesk database and many others.
Each volunteer will be encouraged to propose own personal project idea, an activity that shall be beneficial both for the target group ABS is working on the daily basis and for the volunteer(s) themselves in terms of learning objectives. The main methodology used throughout the project is dialogue and problem-based learning, learning by doing and direct engagement in activities. As a result, all three volunteers will develop a greater awareness of European citizenship and various transversal skills including such as digital skills, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, social skills and international communication, management and presentation skills and others.

APPLY HERE: https://www.activebulgariansociety.org/3e-evs-blagoevgrad

Don’t forget to indicate that your sending organization is Non-governmental organization “Kharkiv association for active youth “Stella” with EI accreditation number – 2015-1-PL-01-KA110-017829 and PIC-number – 947609200.

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