Youth exchange “Be Active Citizen and Find Yourself in Society” (10-18.03.2014, Georgia)

Kutaisi, Georgia 

We’re looking for 5 motivated participants from Ukraine! 

Youth exchange “Be Active Citizen and Find Yourself in Society” is an eight days long youth exchange funded by Youth in Action.

YE is aimed at empowering young people in Europe and the eastern neighboring states to exchange their country experience and knowledge about active participation.

Project will focus on youth active participation in social life; citizenship rights and responsibilities, youth participation and values of democracy based on participation.  

During the event around 36 young people from Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Greece, Spain, Georgiawill meet and exchange information about active citizenship. We will discuss how the partnership between the European Union, EECA countries can foster these issues and come to a common perspective of how this partnership should concretely look like and how it can benefit young people. Furthermore, the whole event will foster intercultural exchange, as the participant group is very diverse and they will have possibilities to present their culture and background.

By learning day-by-day different aspects of what is Active citizenship, by the end of the course the participants will be able to have their own vision about Youth Participation and will be able to act as multipliers in their local communities and motivate young people to participate in the civil society.

Profile of Participants:

– Creative young people aged 18-25.

– Willing to work in an international team.

– Able to work in simple English.

– Commitment to fully participate in the whole duration of the Youth exchange.


If you’re interested, please send a filled application form to this email: with a subject YE “Be Active Citizen and Find Yourselfin Society” in Georgia.

Application form in attached document:

Deadline: 10thof February 2014.


Міжнародні проекти покривають:

– 100% проживання, харчування та консульські збори.
– 70% транспортнівитрати (всі квитки повинні бути економкласу). 

Умови участі: 

– учасникивікомвід 18 – 25 років, 
– матидійснийзакордонний паспорт, 
– розуміти та розмовлятианглійськоюмовою, 
– бути готовим поширюватизнання і навички, на місцевомурівні,
– матиможливістьпокрити 30% витрат на поїздку, 
– покритиорганізаційнийвнесок 250 грн

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  1. Elena сказав:

    А яка аплікаційна заява на цей проект? Ссилка на ex не відображає заяви.

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